How Long Can I Borrow the Money?

The length of your loan will differ depending on the title loan lender. Unlike payday loans that offer short term loan solutions an auto title loan offers a longer term solution to pay back your loan in installments: most are anywhere from 12 to 36 month terms. Some lenders will allow you to pay small payments for the next amount of pay dates consecutively. Before signing an agreement your title loan lender should notify you of the payments dates and the amounts due at that time. If this arrangement does not work for you then do not sign the agreement and shop around a little more.You should work with a lender who will set loan terms based upon your income and how much you can pay towards your monthly payment comfortably.

Paying your loan off on time will also cut down on additional fees that may incur adding to the amount you need to pay back.Some lenders may require a pre-payment fee, but most do not so research auto title loan companies before taking out a loan. Paying off your loan early, with no penalty, will save your money on fees and interest.

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