How do I get a payday loan?

So you’re needing some quick cash, but how do you get a payday loan and where do you begin? We are here to help! The application process for an online short-term loan is similar to that of applying for a traditional bank loan. The lender will request basic information through the application that is used to assess the risk of the borrower and to process the loan.

Fill out the loan application in its entirety.

Every piece of information that a lender requests on the application form is needed in order to quickly process your application. Not filling out an application completely or entering false information will likely result in a denied loan. If you don’t provide the correct phone number or driver’s license number, for example, you will likely not be approved.

Submit your application and wait for approval

Submit your application and wait a few minutes while we check with our network of lenders to approve your loan request. If you pass the initial underwriting requirements you may be “pre-approved” for a loan. You will receive an email notification and a loan processor will attempt to contact you. They may need to verify some of the information that you submitted in your application.

After you are approved

After your information has been verified and it has been determined that you meet the lender’s qualifications for a loan you will be emailed loan documents to sign. After signing your documents, the funds you requested will be sent to your account via ACH or wire transfer. Your lender will let you know how soon you can expect your funds to arrive in your bank account.

There are some general Loan Requirements that are standard across most lenders.

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