Short Term Loans

Short term loans are used for smaller amounts of money for a specific period of time. Loan terms can vary from a few weeks to many years depending on your need. Loan amounts vary as well based upon ability to pay back the loan and how much you need to tie you over. In most cases, short term loans are unsecured meaning they do not require collateral to borrow the money. This in not the case when borrowing a title loan. There are many options for good, bad, fair and no credit. It is up to you to determine the length of time you need to repay the loan and how much you are able to afford. My Loan Advisor is here to help. Start by clicking on and comparing the loan types below to begin your research.

A few quick statements to help you get started:

  • Do you own your car and are the title holder? A title loan may be your best loan
  • Do you need $500 or below and are able to pay it back in two weeks or less? Try a payday loan.
  • Do you need more than $800 and need a few months to pay the money back? An installment loan is a good place to start.
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