Online Schools vs Campus Schools

Once you chosen your new career and have chosen what kind of training you will be starting you need to find a school. When it comes to choosing a school that fits your lifestyle and desired degree, the options are almost endless. Thanks to modern technology you can now go to a local school campus or attend a university hundreds, or even thousands of miles away and take courses online. It is good to understand the pros and cons of an online education before enrolling. Taking into account your personal learning style, your availability,  and time management ability should all be a part of the process. Another large consideration is what you are planning to get a degree in. The more specific the career the smaller amount of schools you have to choose from. Your major may not be offered strictly online or at a campus and the decision is made for you. This should not change your career decision.

Online Schools vs Campus Schools

Benefits of Online Schools:

  • No sitting in a classroom
  • No commute = less gasoline used
  • Flexibility – You choose when you study
  • You might be able to work or watch your kids while you take classes
  • No worrying about weather conditions
  • You’re never late to class
  • Save money – online schools often cost less overall than traditional schooling
  • More options when deciding upon which school to attend or program to join – you’re not limited to local choices
  • Course material is available 24/7
  • Can be less intimidating than a classroom
  • Makes instructors more seem approachable
  • Everyone is welcome

Benefits of Campus Schools:

  • More of a defined structure, which can be a big plus if you struggle with time management (holding yourself accountable)
  • Experience the benefits of working with others, in real time and in person
  • You build life long connections with classmates
  • Greater support from professionals and other students who surround you daily
  • Immediate answers to your questions from your teachers or professors
  • Extracurricular activities – if you go to school online you miss out on these

If strictly one or the other doesn’t meet your needs there is usually an option to do both. You can take your campus classes and mix in a few online classes to help with flexibility. When you have decided which type is right for you and your learning style, then let us connect you with a school that can help get you started!  Just apply now!

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