Student Loans

Student Loans have changed a lot in recent years. It’s important to know what is available to you and to know the risks and rewards associated with each loan type so that you may determine which types of loans may be the best choice to fund your education.

Many prospective students are ineligible for Financial Aid or are unable to qualify for Federal Student Loans. There are still several options available to finance your education if you are one of these students who does not meet the basic requirements for Government loans from the U.S. Department of Education.

Loans are readily available in the following areas:

Pre-College Loans

Loans taken out to cover the cost of education prior to a college degree course. They may cover the costs of primary and secondary private school education.

Career Training Loans

Student Loans specifically for trade, technical, community college, or continuing education programs. Career Training Loans are often used for students pursuing careers in automotive, aviation, business, computers, culinary, art & design, media arts, real estate, and healthcare fields.

Bar Study Loans

Loans that law students can apply for to help them cover the costs associated with studying for the bar exam. These loans can cover months of preparatory materials, bar exam classes, exam costs, and housing costs during the period prior to sitting for the bar exam.

Residency & Relocation Loans

Federal Student Loan and Financial Aid programs may leave you short of finding a career. Medical students can cover expenses associated with finding a residency – including travel to interviews and relocation costs - with a Residency and Relocation Loan.


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