Buying New vs. Used

Buying both new and used vehicles have their benefits and drawbacks. Though there are more benefits to buying new cars the benefits of used car buying can outweigh the new. Deciding which aspects you value more (lower interest rates vs. upgrades) will help in your buying decision. No matter what type you are buying know your budget and do your own research on the value of the vehicles, insurance costs, and current interest rates to better prepare yourself for the buying process and dealer negotiations. Compare the benefits of buying a new vs. used car.

Benefits of buying a new car:

  • You get the latest updates and features in safety and technology.
  • You have the option to lease the vehicle. Don’t know if you are in love with the vehicle? Lease it to save you money without the time and financial commitment.
  • Better financing. In most cases, new cars receive better financing and promotions.
  • Warranties
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions

Benefits of buying a used car:

  • You save money. New vehicles lose value the moment they drive off the lot. Take advantage of this by buying used at the depreciated value.
  • Get more of the upgrades. With the savings you receive off the sticker price you can put it towards those heated seats or navigation system you have been wanting
  • More vehicles to choose from
  • Lower insurance rates

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