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2 Websites to Help You Pay Off Debt

There are a lot of websites our there featuring articles that provide money-saving tips. There have been countless words written about the Do’s and Don’ts and spending and saving. You might listen to talk radio shows, or watch talking heads on television give you good advice on how to save your pennies. But if you’re anything like most Americans, you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, holding a smartphone, and surfing the web. We have found a couple of websites designed to speak to the technology user in you. By now you’ve heard countless recommendations on writing budgets, making lists, or otherwise planning for your financial future. Have you really taken the time to put pen to paper to see where you need to save and how you manage to pay off your debts? These websites can get you on the right track quickly. Take the challenge. Visit the sites below today. You will be one day closer to freedom from debt.

Ready for Zero

This money-saving startup has already been featured by the likes of Forbes and CNNMoney. The goal of Ready for Zero is simple: manage your debt, track your credit, then build your wealth. These three important financial steps are easily tackled with the help of something we are all increasingly familiar with, technology. The website and app are designed to be easy and pleasant to use. The goal is to free yourself from your financial burdens and save money. Ready for Zero wants to give you the tools to get started. If you are burdened with credit card debt, unpaid student loans, or are in over your head with a mortgage, an auto loan or other personal debt, try this website today. To get started, enter your debt details and receive a customized plan for paying off your debt.

Feed the Pig

The interactive website at may just be the push you need to realize your overspending habits and get on the right track of saving for the future.

Here you can define the bad habits that lead to your overspending routine. Are you a foodie? A technology early adopter? Maybe you are a collector or a clotheshorse. Chances are, you don’t even know everything that you are spending money on, and you definitely don’t know what you could or should be cutting back on in order build up your savings. The interactive features of this site allow you to enter details about your everyday spending habits in order to visualize the green that could be going into your pocket instead of out the door.

There are quizzes, challenges, a discussion forum, and savings tips. All designed to get you to think before you spend and to remind you to feed your piggy bank.

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